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Founder & CEO

I’m Nicole, a seasoned credit repair professional based in Chicago with over 5+ years of experience helping others gain what they value the most – financial independence, strong credit, and their time. To date, I bring an extensive background involving advanced credit restoration, tax preparation, and elevating financial power by turning challenging debt situations into viable paths forward. Applying that as the CEO/Owner of Credit Clique, I’m passionate about delivering clients next-level services that bridge intuition with strategy, as well as the peace of mind knowing that their measure of success will come from real results, not empty promises.

Throughout my career, I’ve supported numerous startups with their scaling and intellectual initiatives. In addition, I specialized heavily within the credit repair and tax industries, ultimately beginning my tenure in helping others reach their unique version of success in these spaces. Today, I’ve since blended these 360-degree experiences to launch Credit Clique – a trusted brand devoted to not just being hired hands, but a dedicated extension to your vision for financial balance and stability. If it matters to you, it matters to us.


Overall, my approaches are comprehensive, but my intention has always been the same: to deliver my clients the integrity-rich support they deserve. Whether that be building businesses from scratch, credit repair or ensuring clients don’t tackle their taxes alone, every effort stems from my passion for helping others reach their goals. Even more, demonstrating that reflecting on where you’ve been and getting excited about where you’re heading are two concepts that can go hand-in-hand.


Outside of keeping a pulse on Credit Clique, I’m a proud mother to Angelo and Bella, and enjoy spending my free time with my family. Also an advocate for lifelong learning, I continuously stay updated with the latest credit and tax regulations, compliance requirements, and economic trends. This is frequently done through reading, partaking in webinars, and attending annual conferences.

My Interview with Credit Repair Cloud

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